A Message from the Creator

I’ve been studying theology since 2009.  It began as a personal quest for God and for holiness.  My days consisted of lots of analytical thinking, prayer, contemplation, and academic writing about the core beliefs of my Catholic religion.  I learned about the fundamentals, the Bible, the saints, and I remember thinking that I was on the right track — the track to heaven I suppose.  I prayed with sisters at the convent each evening.  I volunteered to lead at high school retreats, I lectured at Mass, and I was certain to follow all the rules.  Admittedly, I believed that surely God was pleased.

Then my world turned upside down.  A very dear loved one became addicted to drugs, and I couldn’t find clarity of mind to think, to write papers, or to pray.  I embarked on a desperate journey to save my loved one.  In order to do that I had to learn more.  So I studied alcohol and drug counseling while simultaneously studying theology.  I read the Alcoholic’s Anonymous Big Book while reading St.Augustine’s Confessions, and I read about Jesus’ love for “the least of these” while spending time with “the least of them” trying to understand, to love, and to rescue.

At some point everything became crystal clear.  I realized that holiness wasn’t about studying or about being perfect.  It was about living my faith in the real mess of my life.  I came to understand Jesus in a much deeper and more relatable way.  He was a friend of those whom society labeled as sinners and discarded — like my family and my loved one, and all those caught in the grips of the addiction and overdose epidemic who were feeling alone and ashamed.  Jesus advocated for those whom society judged.  He taught mercy, compassion, and service.  I had much to learn, and it wasn’t what I originally envisioned.  My critical (mind) thinking and ritualistic actions evolved into intuitive (heart) knowledge and transformative action, and We Thirst™ was my first project.  I’ll never forget the first time I presented it — there was no doubt in my mind that it would be presented many times thereafter.  

We Thirst™ contains everything I have learned throughout the years that brought me to a place of peace and understanding about myself, others, and God.  It is the essence of all that I know and believe about Christianity and about addiction — through both my academic endeavors and the real challenges in my life.  It tackles the issues of our faith and our humanity in a thorough and life-changing way.  It has consistently moved hearts and minds and brought people from the darkness of despair to the light of hope.  

We Thirst™ is successful because it is deeply human and authentically Christian.  The program quenches the thirsty soul because it is real.  It has been presented to men and women of various backgrounds and ages, and I have never seen anyone leave less than renewed, filled with hope, and ready to transform the world.  And for that there is yet another program — www.apeopleafire.org!

I wholeheartedly look forward to bringing this program to you and your community and to watching all who attend emerge “out of the darkness and into the marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).

Nina’s Self-portrait: “Discerning God’s Will.” Charcoal on Paper, 2013

Nina’s Self-portrait: “Discerning God’s Will.” Charcoal on Paper, 2013

Through and For Christ,


Nina Marie Corona

Creator & Facilitator

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