Below are just a few of the many beautiful comments we have received about the We Thirst series. These testimonials were taken directly from evaluation forms completed by those who attended and/or hosted the program.

March 2019

If you are not moved by this presentation, you don’t have a pulse.
— We Thirst™ Attendee - The Lehigh Conference of Churches, Allentown, PA

October 2018

Infinite love and gratitude for shedding light on addiction through We Thirst™. Thank you for all you do for our Church and for our community.
— We Thirst™ Attendee - Saints Peter and Paul Church, West Chester, PA

MARCH 2018

This program has renewed my hope so that I can continue to bear the cross that God has given to us, and I do not feel as afraid and ashamed of our family situation. I have attained inner peace again.

We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Margaret Church, Narberth PA




. . . I attended out of curiosity . . . thank you God, and thank you Fr. Bambrick for bringing Nina to us. She is an excellent presenter and so knowledgeable in this topic. She is truly a caring and compassionate person. She feels our pain. A million thanks to you Nina!

We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Aloysius Church, Jackson NJ



March 2018

The We Thirst™ series presented by Nina Corona was well received. She covered the various aspects of addiction in a way that was thorough, compelling, and spiritually encouraging. The material presented was current and communicated with a sincere love for those suffering from addiction. Nina obviously has spent much time learning about this topic and was able to bring that knowledge to the audience in an understandable, pleasing, and inspiring manner. She did a wonderful job of incorporating music and prayer into her talks. We were very grateful that this series was offered in our parish.

We Thirst™ Host - Msgr. Paul Dougherty, Pastor, Saint Margaret of Antioch Parish / Narberth, PA




I have been to a lot of talks on addiction, but this was the most comprehensive. The format was informative, encouraging and designed to gently nudge all of us to be more empathetic. We all come to Jesus for healing and peace and all of us in the Church need to be more informed so we can genuinely welcome and care for all who enter our doors. This presentation was extremely worthwhile, and I highly recommend it.

We Thirst™ Host - Karen Farley, Business Manager of the Mercy Ministry at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish / Rosemont PA



February 2018

Nina’s rendering is the most accurate account of these dynamics that I have yet to encounter. A pathway to wholeness. Hallowed is His name!

We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Aloysius Church, Jackson NJ



January 2018

I found your presentation to be one of the best I ever attended, and I am in the medical field and have attended hundreds. You presented every aspect of addiction in a thorough, complete and compassionate manner. Your presentation has left me thirsting for further knowledge of addiction and spirituality and a desire to reach out and help those who are sick and suffering. I most definitely will attend future presentations. Thank you for the enlightenment. I feel like a better person for having attended.

We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Bede the Venerable, Holland PA


february 2018

Nina presents the topic of addiction with state-of-the-art, research-backed information, combined with warmth, love, and compassion. It is clear that God has led Nina to this mission to lead those suffering from addiction, both the addicted and their families, to a place of hope and healing and ultimately to God.
— We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Aloysius Church, Jackson NJ


I loved the non-judgmental, merciful approach.
— We Thirst™ Attendee - St. Bede the Venerable, Holland PA

november 2017

I came to expand my knowledge and learned about expanding my heart.
— We Thirst™ Attendee - Cranaleith Spiritual Center, Philadelphia PA