Below are comments about the We Thirst series from SOME OF those who have hosted the event at their church, retreat center, or other facility.

The We Thirst™ series presented by Nina Corona was well received. She covered the various aspects of addiction in a way that was thorough, compelling, and spiritually encouraging. The material presented was current and communicated with a sincere love for those suffering from addiction. Nina obviously has spent much time learning about this topic and was able to bring that knowledge to the audience in an understandable, pleasing, and inspiring manner. She did a wonderful job of incorporating music and prayer into her talks. We were very grateful that this series was offered in our parish.

We Thirst™ Host - Msgr. Paul Dougherty, Pastor, Saint Margaret of Antioch Parish / Narberth, PA

I have been to a lot of talks on addiction, but this was the most comprehensive. The format was informative, encouraging and designed to gently nudge all of us to be more empathetic. We all come to Jesus for healing and peace and all of us in the Church need to be more informed so we can genuinely welcome and care for all who enter our doors. This presentation was extremely worthwhile, and I highly recommend it.

We Thirst™ Host - Karen Farley, Business Manager of the Mercy Ministry at St. Thomas of Villanova Parish / Rosemont PA

Nina’s informative and caring presentations guided us through the biology, sociology, psychology and spirituality of addiction. The evenings gave those who attended a clear understanding of addiction, as well as the suffering endured by these individuals and their families. The information we received provided ways to show loving care in reaching out to those in need in a nonjudgmental manner, as well as supporting them in seeking help and treatment. Having 80 people attend these valuable sessions was a clear message that information and help is needed in our parish and community.
— Kris Ingle, Parish Nurse, St. Bede the Venerable, Holland PA

When I was asked by the administrator of nearby Cranaleith Spiritual Center to co-sponsor a series on addiction by Nina Marie Corona (10/2017), I readily agreed. After all, it seems that each year the number of drug overdose deaths continues to increase. I thought the sessions would be good for our people. I hadn’t planned on attending myself. To show my support, I went to the first session with full intention to leave at the break. I attended not only the entire first session but also the other three as well. I found Nina’s presentations extremely helpful and faith-filled. It is my expectation that anyone who attends this series will leave inspired and informed. I would recommend this series to anyone.
— Rev. Msgr. Joseph P. Garvin, Pastor, St. Christopher Parish, Philadelphia and former Executive Director, Catholic Social Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Nina has a great process where she thoroughly explains the science, psychology, sociology (relationships) and spirituality of addiction fusing that with Christian virtues, prayers, meditations, quotes from the saints, music and visual arts in such a way that everyone is touched by some aspect of her presentation. She addresses the person addicted, family members, friends, community and Church; no stone is left unturned. Nina also shatters stigmatizing labels. The series was presented to touch individual souls and support them in the journey forward in faith, hope and love.
— Very Rev. John P. Bambrick, MSCM, V.F., Pastor of St. Aloysius Church, Jackson NJ

There are few subjects of more critical importance in our society today than addiction. And this course not only highlights that fact and raises awareness, but it also helps us reflect on how we might be part of the solution. I found the course to be enriching both professionally and personally, emphasizing something we all need to remember – “addiction is a disease, not a disgrace.” That is at the heart of our parish’s “Mercy Ministry.” Nina Marie Corona is a thoughtful, organized, and well-informed presenter. I would highly recommend bringing her and this course to your parish or organization. Let’s work together to become missionaries of love and mercy
— Fr. Joe Narog, O.S.A., Pastor of St. Thomas of Villanova Parish, Rosemont PA